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Repair information for the Asus F201E laptop. Released in November of 2012. Model number: F201E-KX034H.

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How to take off a April setup utility

I haven't used my computer for 2 weeks I was out of town and when I came back my computer didn't want to turn on . A blue screen came on about information of my computer and every time I go to save and exit and press save changes. The screen goes black for 2 or 3 minutes and goes back to the same blue screen .

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Hello Patricia

This are my opinions but maybe went you were out of town someone was using your laptop and maybe did something wrong

solutions for this are many things

the bluescreen is common but i cant help you alot with out knowing what code error is giving the bluescreen

but what can you do is this take out the hard disk try it on a another computer and see if it does the same this is for you to be sure that the problem is the hard disk.

The other solution is to get the (windows repair disc) and let the disc try to fix the problem this is not 100% sure it will work its a 67-70% to work .

Hope this solve your problem :D

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You may want to try a mem wipe . There may be a error in the memory and every time you boot its going back to the same error . try clearing your memories cache by removing the mem dimms from the laptop for a short period of time a couple minutes should do it then reinstall them and boot the computer if this brings no joy . Also knowing the error code would help with our diagnosis

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