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Repair information for the Canon PIXMA iP4700 color inkjet photo printer. Released in 2010. Model number: iP4700.

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canon IP 4700 PROBLEM

coming out code 5B00

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william error code 5B00 defines the error as "Ink Absorber full" which of course means that the ink absorber is

supposed to be full. solution for that is

1) Ink absorber condition

2) Part replacement:

- Ink absorber kit

3) Ink absorber counter value in theEEPROM;

reset the ink absorber counter.

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The last step however, apparently involves sacrificing your firstborn to the Daemons of Teh Intarwebs, invoking Cthulhu, Hastur & Nyarlathotep, and so forth ;-)


@flyingdutchman it sure does appear that way ;-). I am amazed by the complexity of printer repairs. I bet those are probably the most discarded pieces of electronic equipment. PITA to fix, even with manuals :-)


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With the mistake your printer is encountering, please kill the printer, unplug the force rope from the back and forget it for no less than 10 minutes, then connect it back to and walk out on. On the off chance that despite everything you encounter the same issue, the printer will shockingly oblige adjusting to determine the issue.

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I have a IP6820 that has quit after a 2-year life-span. A Canon technician, after I described the problem, declared the printer irreparable. I’m not convinced. I suspect it is a sensor. But how do you get and replace a sensor?


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