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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Broken Hinge with unibody MacBook air

Hi everyone,

The hinges in my old 13" Macbook Air (2013) seems to be broken. The display doesn't stay "blocked" in the right way but opens till almost 180 degrees.

I asked to a local technical support but they suggest to keep using the mac in that way because the hinges are strictly connected with some cables to the display. They could break those cables trying to fix the problem.

I can't find anyone with the same issue on this "new" unibody macbook air. Are there a way to fix this hinges? I'd like to sell the mac!


Aggiorna (02/05/2016)

Hi everyone,

I asked to another tech support and they said I must replace the entire display (about 500 $) "There are no spare parts" Doh _._

Probably I should try without tech support


Block Image

Pic 2

Block Image

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Follow this guide to disassemble your screen and see what is wrong. Could be broken hinges or simply loose.

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Thanks for your reply Rany, I'll do it. The Technical Support is supposed to have done the same. They said that changing the part (I think the black one) below the display frame could damage the screen itself.

I don't trust them. So, is the golden part under the red circle in the last pic the hinge? Could I fix or change it without compromise the black bar? I can't find replacement hinges are on sale?

Sorry these are a lot of question, thank you for your support!


In step 25, the hinge appears to be golden (visual effect). That's the part that may need tightning or replacing. In addition to the steps in this guide, you have to slide the U-shaped black plastic cover (that U-shaped plastic piece can seen in picture 27 under the superego/tool they're using). So you slide it towards one of the hinges by about 1 cm, then proceed to lift it up. Underneath it, you can find where the hinges attach. Sometimes you can fix the issue and/or replace the part, and sometimes not, depending on what's wrong. You won't be able to tell until you go this far in tearing it down. Be very careful when handling the screen as you may very easily brake the LCD indeed. Don't lean on it or flex it.


Hi, I followed the steps but I can't see any broken or strange thing where the hinges attach. Could I send you the photos in some way?


@minnabella post them as un update to your question. Mayer included a link below that shows you how to add pictures.


@rany Done, I'll post some better photos soon


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The tech support people you went to don't seems to be very competent or knowledgable about your mac. Yes, you have to be careful when repairing any Mac but the guide is very good. Use good lighting, the correct tools an try to be sober and rested before staring. I like to do it all in one setting. This is most likely just loose screws that need tightening so check that first. Keeps your screws organized. Repair is a confidence builder and you want to build on success. To find good people do a Google search for "Mac repair and your city". Then look at the feedback. Usually the older guys are going to be much more competent because they've seen it all. A service like Thumbtack.com can be useful and costs you nothing.

Read the reviews, Thumbtack verifies it's reviews so you don't get a bunch of padded reviews by people trying to build a false reputation. Here's what mine looks like, most will not be this good but it's a guideline of what to look for: https://www.thumbtack.com/tx/lubbock/com...

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Thank you, I really start thinking they are not competent


Thanks to Old Turkey, Here's how to add images: Adding images to an existing question


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