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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet/Laptop fusion that was released in 2013. The Surface Pro 2 is the successor of Microsoft's Surface Pro and uses Windows 8.1 through Windows 10.

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Power Cover Not Working

Hey guys

I recently got myself a second hand Surface Pro 2 for work and while the device itself is in perfect working order I've had some problems getting the accessories to work properly. My Type Cover works perfectly; just clipped on and is detected fine and works exactly as promised. However, the Power Cover I got simply will not be detected at all.

As best I can tell the Power Cover was brand new and is in perfect condition from the outside. But something is up here. I have tried cleaning the contacts as MS Support suggests but that has had no effect. I just don't know anything else that I could try but I'd really like to get the Power Cover working if at all possible because I would love the extended battery life.

Can anyone suggest any possible fixes for a power cover?

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After a while of not using my power cover with my old surface pro 2 , it was showing either 0% or 100% but never charging and never capable to provide any extra power. It was impossible to get it charging again and tried many trick from forum without success (disconnect/reconnect multiple times etc)

I finally solved it by following steps (I guess only last 3 steps are needed):

- fully load main battery, then uplug the power plug

- keep power cover connected

(- reboot with power and volume + pressed) -> I did it but didn't help apparently

- use the surface to discharge until less than 10%, this is getting into power saving mode for me

- shutdown, put power cable and leave the device closed with power cover on top of screen, surface closed laying flat on table

- after 1h the power cover was slightly hot and charging again

I don't know why it succeed, I assume the heat of main battery charging unblocked the cover cells. Give it a try before surgery of the power cover. Please also comment if this trick worked for you (or not)

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tried this last night and worked fine. Have working cover that only cost me 15 dollars.



Happy that it helped someone else. Obviously I guess that only the last 3 steps are needed but I cannot test as my power cover is now working again. If someone could confirm it would ease the process. Cheers


I tried this twice, did not help. Could you maybe elaborate on the up-to-date solution, step by step? Thank you so much!


Hello @iluecker, sorry to hear it didn't worked for you.

I cannot update solution as my cover is still working fine but I could say that if the origin of your problem is the same, then what matters is

- keeping power cover connected all the time

- discharge the main battery below 10%

- while recharging, close the surface on flat table with power cover on top

I have surface 2 i5 with win 10.


Thank you for the fast reply Gael. I see - the one thing not clear to me was, whether to shut down the surface when it has 10% battery or less.

Shall I keep it turned on while charging, go into sleep-mode,or shut it down entirely?

I will keep on trying :)


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I have been a supporter of the Surface Pro 2 since release and while I had no problems with initial released Power Covers, THREE of the ones I purchased late 2016 all seem to have a problem in not charging, either instantly the Surface Pro 2 recognizes the device - at zero charge then jump to listing the full capacity and says the secondary battery is not charging but plugged in.

I have searched online with as best of a context given as possible. Since the Power Covers are fitted with the same consumer electronic lithium ion batteries, I searched with varying results on how to restore lithium ion batteries and all seem to give a general answer of plugging in the battery to a USB outlet adapter (which would mean taking a Surface Pro 2 type cover connector part, and soldering the power leads). But this is also the kicker, the Power Cover won't be in a charging state if the Surface Pro 2 itself is not in a certain sleep state (meaning there has to be a certain signal to the middle ball pins that itself is just another USB arrangement - to give some sort of signaling to the Power Cover).

Finally, no where online is there any information on the "wake up" voltage needed to wake up perfectly new in box, sealed, sitting for a long time Power Covers (situation you and I are in). Information online also states that Lithium ion batteries that sat without being charged are usually at close to near empty and would require a jump start if I deduced sources right to be in a charging discharging cycle again. I tried experimenting with a DC power generator and soldering the Surface Pro 2 connector part to the leads and tried adjusting the power but I have yet to "wake" up the Power Covers I recently bought.

If someone can chime in to as what the specification of the Power Cover batteries are, that would be extremely helpful in going to attempt to restore charging capabilities to the covers.

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Well first off, if you purchased your surface pro 2 power cover from a reseller like Amazon, then there's a good chance your power cover won't perform as you want it to. As benjamin.hua explains, he hasn't been able to get his to charge despite trying to wake it up. I've bought and return two with no luck. It's like the reseller doesn't care if you buy and return for free on Amazon. Many complain that these units, upon calling Microsoft, are actually refurbished units far beyond their warranty period. The battery in the cover has been sitting discharged for weeks, months, even years so even if you get the Surface to recognize the cover, it won't do much more than be a heavy keyboard. BTW I'm typing on my surface with power cover. No the battery doesn't charge.

To address the issue of recognizing the keyboard, have you check device manager to see if it shown as an unknown device? Also try updating the firmware and windows update on the surface. Good luck!

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Here are two sources of means of restoring a deeply discharged Power Cover.

Both involve removing the fabric and the subsequent plastic covering underneath.

Method 1:

This method is only for restoring the charge state. This method works, as I tried this with a hobbyist RC Lithium Ion cell charger that can do Lithium polymer (the Power Cover is configured in a two Li-Po sacks per pack, the whole cover is a two pack state.)


Because this involves directly connecting at the Lithium polymer sacks themselves, this bypasses the sleep conditions that the USB keyboard sends back in telling when the Surface should charge the Power Cover. And because I am using the RC Lithium charger, and can program to the sack/pack profiles, the charger can safely turn off once these cells are conditioned and fully charged.

Should one uses a direct lead charge method of a hobbyist RC battery sack/pack charger, the Li-Po configurations is in two 3.7Ah, 3.7V packs. All four cells total to about 27.38Wh as a result.

Method 2:

This method COMPLETELY replaces the cells with new ones. But one has to manually know who supplies compatible sack sizes of the same voltages (3.7V per sack) before hand in direct ordering. One will need to know how to use soldering AND heatsink clips to prevent burning when removing the old sacks, and to prevent burning when putting in new sacks.

Amp-hour capacity is sack size dependent. One "can" have a longer lasting power cover at the expense of putting in larger sacks in replacement, but one has to deal with the form of the cover afterwards in containment.

This method is applicable if one already has worn cells that no longer has any usable lengthy charge cycles. It is split into two parts.



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