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Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930, SM-G935) — смартфон седьмого поколения линейки Galaxy S, анонсированный компанией Samsung Electronics 21 февраля 2016 года на MWC в Барселоне[

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Seal broken? Is theyre a way to re seal it?

Hey so I had my phone fixed by a shop last week. They used a very poor adhesive to Seal the back on from where I dropped it and shattered the back glass . Is they're anyway to seal this phone back so that it may be used in water? Being that the phone has a water pressure level and a time the phone is able to withstand water ? Used it before in the water and I didn't have a problem. I was going to try this other place called I fix it near me. THey said the seal would be stronger but theyre no guarantee that the phone can go back and water without a case protecting i

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Nobody can guarantee waterproofness of a phone after repairing it. Your best bet is to use the original back cover adhesive.

Pretty sure Samsung has that hardware test hidden menu which you can access from typing the secret dial codes that allows you to test the air pressure inside the phone for waterproofness. If the air pressure changes when applying pressure at back or front of screen then it's waterproof. If it doesn't change then it's not.

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Where would I get the original all adhesive?? So your saying samsung has that in a hidden menu?


I thought it was if the air pressure changes then it is waterproof?


Fixed up my answer.


what test do you use to do that? I mean which one to I click? I found the code


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There's a company on ebay (although they are located in the united kingdom) that sell only OEM Samsung service parts, whom I buy all my adhesives from. There name is; fonejoy and there ebay number is 134821. I'm having a guess that you have a S7 or S7 Edge so I have included the part numbers.

SM-G930 Back Glass Adhesive -


SM-G935 Back Glass Adhesive -


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So, hey, I know that this conversation, if you will, all took place in 2016 but with this sanitize-everything new world this problem is still real. Love & will use the answer but can't find a way to close & lock her down again. What tool do I need to apply to get the tightest of seals I need? Please and thank you.


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Regardless of if you use the original adhesive you still need that adhesive to adhere to the frame like it would coming out of the factory. Bearing in mind the frame was brand new and possibly pressed down with some sort of machine.

I'm sure Sony don't guarantee the device will be waterproof after repairing it themselves.

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Yeah, not sure Sony would guarantee a Samsung device.


Yes... great observation. Clearly using sony as an example as they publicly offer a repair service to more waterproof devices then anybody else


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