Unlocking a locked computer without password

I've been trying for hours to access my sister's Samsung RV510 laptop. The problem is that she does not remember the password at all. I have downloaded a third party program called Windows Password Key, burned it onto a USB drive, inserted it into the locked computer and tried to change the Boot order so I can start with the USB program without success. When the USB HDD drive is first in Boot priority order, the computer cannot start and Windows Boot Manager sends a report saying Windows failed to start, Status: 0xc000000f.

BIOS System: Phoneix Securecore Setup Utilitiy

Laptop: Samsung RV510

Windows 7

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To get the bios to accept a different boot order on a Samsung laptop you need to go into the advance settings in the bios and disable the fast boot so that all possible boot options are available. You accomplish this by spamming F10 on startup and when it asks for boot order chose advance settings which takes to to the bois once there choose advance settings again and then select fast boot then select disable then reboot your computer and spam F10 and the complete boot order will appear and you will be able to run your cd

Hope this helps

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Most laptops have a recovery sector portion, accessed from a cold boot, while booting hold down the control key and F8 (some use F10 or F12) then you can use the menus to restore factory defaults, you data will be gone but you can now use the laptop and reload from backups.

If is just the boot order startup menu you want most laptops use a control and a function key combo to access, check the manufacturer's web site for your system

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There are many other password tools and you don't need to stick to Windows Password Key. Check out this software I have used for years and it worked perfectly.

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