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Repair guides and support for the random-access memory used in computers.

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Why does my ram is not work?

I have a 4gb Kingston ddr2 ram and 1gb ddr2 ram. If i insert them into the mother board ,when i starts the system the display shows a blank screen ,if insert it after starting the system the system hangs plz say any easy solution to fix these problems

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Please tell us the specific machine your are putting the RAM into. It makes a difference.


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Many systems require that the first two memory cards to be twins. In others words you would need either 2 DDR2 1G memory cards or 2 DDR2 2G memory cards. But it usually doesn't even detect two non-twin cards so sorry about that. Also some memory cards are computer specific so you will need to check the specs of whatever system you are trying to put the memory cards in to see if they are compatible.

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When using two sticks of ram in a laptop, it is always best to use identical sticks. Mixing and matching leads to problems. Still, sounds to me like either one of the sticks is incompatible with the computer or has gone bad. Try booting one at a time. If one can boot the computer alone and the other can't then you have found your culprit. Also, never ever install a ram module into a booted computer. It should be uplugged with the battery out anytime you make changes to the ram

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It can also matter which slot you are putting them into. My older model Macbook has two RAM slots, both were filled with 2GB modules when I got it. I got a good deal on a single 4 GB module and figured I'd go ahead and use it. When I put it in the top slot, my Mac wouldn't boot, but after I swapped the two modules and put the new one in the bottom slot it came right up, recognized the new RAM, and correctly reported that I now had 6 GB.

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