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The original Macintosh desktop computer, initially released as the "Apple Macintosh" in 1984.

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Disk Drive Not Working

After turning on computer, and inserting a disk, the drive doesn't engage and pull the disk in. Normally, you insert a disk and it gets grabbed by the drive and pulled down into the computer. Now, the "grabbing" part doesn't happen. I can't get the disk to stay in the computer.

Don't know if it just needs cleaning or the motor burned out. It kind of wore out.. it started to happen here and there over a year or so before it just stopped working all together. So, it seems to be a mechanical issue and not an electronic one.

Before I take it all apart.. I thought I would pause to see if others had any input on this. Thanks-

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Hey @mayer this machine is from when you started out you should have an answer for this fellow. Ive never worked on anything this old from Mac


@jimfixer Thanks for the heads up. Yes I rebuilt one last month for a customer in Virginia. But am cooking dinner and egg, sausage, cheese biscuits for breakfasts for the week. Will help @albertenstein with this.


Thanks guys, I'll try cleaning it. It's spent many years in a box since I used it last so it could easily just be gunked up.


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Matt, repairing a floppy drive is an exercise in futility. But open it up and clean it and give it a shot. First see if you can find one on eBay. If not I probably have several, it's just a matter of digging out the machines get them running and test one out for you. You came to right place and right old guy who still has this stuff sitting in corners and garage ;-)

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Haha... thanks. I've had mine since college in '84. My 11 year old, yes, married late(!), has taken a great interest in it so we pulled it out and tried it. He was pretty disappointed when we couldn't get it to boot up because of the drive.


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