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The Dell 1710n is an office laser printer released in 2011.

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All lamp light on

On my printer dell 1710n all lamp light on togther when start on printer and not get working never i have been resetting it but does not working too i need to know whats the problem and how to fix it

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This is what i found on the net :

1. Power OFF the printer and UN-plug data cable(s).

2. Open the toner access cover.

3. Depress and hold both the Continue and Cancel buttons.

4. With the cover open and both buttons depressed, power ON the unit.

5. Continue to hold the buttons down until the Error light is the only one active. (you will see the lights cycle several times before this occurs)

6. Close the cover.

7. Done

he error you're describing (all lights on, including continue?) means one of two things:

The current print job is in process of being canceled.

The printer is resetting to the user default settings.

If you try the reset procedure I sent and the lights remain on, can you try to display a secondary error code?

(press the continue button-- quickly-- twice)

If still having the issue :

check the main PCB for leaks or blown transistors

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