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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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please wait low battery. what can I do

i have a ipod classic and it says please wait low battery. what can i do

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. Toggle the hold switch a couple of times.

2. Hold Select and Play until your IPOD enters Disk mode.

3. If it is not already plugged into your computer, plug it in now, and let it charge for twenty minutes to an hour.

4. Reset it by holding menu and select.

You should now be able to access it again, and charge it up via your USB cable no problems


If the above fails, replace the battery:

iPod Classic Battery Replacement

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Vivo v9 battery lo place wait problems


Hey, i got the same issue but i can't enter into disk mode and i did al the steps in order, what do you reccomend in that case? It says please wait, very low battery and it won't reset.


I have been trying for eons and I managed to get it to show the apple symbol and then the sad Mac. Tried this a few times and did get it to charge. However not quite there yet but promising.


I'm stuck in the same spot. John Kent, did you ever resolve your problem? My 60GB iPod has been plugged into my computer for a couple of hours and keeps trying to start (disk rotates, apple appears) but then drops down to the "Please wait; very low battery" status. I'd love to be able at least to retrieve the contents of my music library, which is at least 13 years old by now.


@katharine91349 "at least to retrieve the contents of my music library," you can do that with a Zif-to-USB adapter. That will allow you to access your iPod HDD with your computer. We still want you to at least try and get your iPod fixed. Replace the battery and see where that takes you. Verify to make sure that your iPod is a 6th gen and not a 60GB 5th gen. They do come apart differently.


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It took multiple attempts, pressing God know knows what sequence of buttons and toggling the on/off, leaving it and coming back and trying again until finally… the screen was on Disk Mode 🙏🏽. Followed the steps from that point on and it came back. Now it has been years that I had plugged it in to my MacBook so that library certainly changed since then, so I was able to see the current music videos from my library on the iPod and no longer any of the older movies that were there previously. Can I now see this iPod on my MacBook… Nope 👎🏾 but that’s another blog, YouTube video and several web searches for another day. The iPod is back and I’m happy for this win - Thank you!

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The method that worked for me was described by Saul123 on August 5, 2007. I have previously tried every other solution I could find and nothing worked (i.e. putting device to DFU mode didn't work), the device was not being detected by PC or Mac. The trick described by Saul123 helped me to revive iPod Classic 5th Generation 60GB that's been sitting for 10+ years, I even didn't have to swap the battery.

In case the link to original post stops working, here's what I did:

  1. I hooked up my iPod Classic 5th Generation 60GB to Apple 20W wall charger via Apple 30-pin cable.
  2. I pressed MENU+PLAY buttons simultaneously for ±10 sec until the Apple logo appeared on screen.
  3. I released MENU+PLAY buttons for split-second while Apple logo was still on screen.
  4. I kept repeating steps 2 & 3 in a loop for about 5-6 times.
  5. On the 3rd time I felt the HDD started spinning, but I kept repeating the 2&3 steps loop.
  6. I released all buttons after 5th-6th loop.

iPod Classic then displayed full-color black screen with a lot of colorful dots on black… and booted! It shows a battery charging indicator in the top right corner and all menus are working, music is playing. I have yet to see if it works without being connected to the wall charger. But it is already a big success I'm happy to report!

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