One speaker is very low


I've had these Logitech X-230 speakers for a long time now, but I recently got a new kitten that made them fall from my desk a couple of times.

Now when I try to use them the right speaker is very low, barely audible, I have to stick my ear to the speaker to hear something when the left one is pretty loud already

I removed the cover and checked the wires, welds and the capacitor, everything looks fine to me.

I also tried to use them on my phone the result is the same.

I guess it could come from the amp in the sub, but it never fell (only the speaker) so my best guess is that the speaker itself went faulty, any tips on how to repair that ?

Thanks !

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check this video!

I had the same problem as you. Just replace the plug and some inches of the cable and it will work fine again!


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