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HELP: Cold Room Temperature Issue

GE Profile Harmony Dryer

GE Profile Harmony electric dryer: Here's a tricky one for you. My dryer won't power on when it's cold outside, nor will it power on in the summer when I have the house cooled with the air conditioner.

I am able to keep the control panel powered on: I have to set it on DELAY START so that the control display panel won't turn off. As long as the digital panel stays lit, it's fine, and it dries perfectly!

If I forget to set the delay function, I have to heat the room around the dryer's control panel, unplug the dryer for twenty minutes, replug it, wait five minutes, then, if the control panel is warm enough, it will power on.

It wasn't always like this. For the first five years, this never happened -- no matter how cold it got outside.

I've read several other posts online about the same issue, but no one has the answer on what to replace in order to fix it. I'm so tired of having to remember to reset the delay feature or to waste so much electricity using a ceramic heater to heat the panel! I don't want a new dryer-- I just want to replace the faulty part! Can you be our hero?

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I also have this problem wirh my kenmore dryer.


Hi @williamandkandyce,

What is the model number of the dryer?


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First please give us your model number.

I suspect a "cold solder joint" on your main control board.

Here's how to spot one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5_dBMuJ...

And how to repair it:


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I have a Ge Profile Harmony Model DPGT750EC1PL that doesn't come on when its cold outside even though its in my house. I can take a hair dryer to the control circuit board (the big rectangular one, not the display board) for a few minutes and it will power up. Please help!


Hi @dwmack ,

You may have to do as @mayer suggests and inspect the control board for cold solder joints.

Be safety aware. Remove the power from the dryer before performing any work on it.

If you have any doubts take close up pictures of both sides of the board and post back here and hopefully someone may spot something.

Here's how to do this.

Adding images to an existing question

(It is the same procedure for an answer. just click the options link in an answer box that you have written your response in)


I have the same issue and have to use a blow dryer but I don't know what part of the dryer I should warm up. He me out.


I have the same issue and cannot find the answer. It is such a good dryer aside of that problem.


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