The Asus X555LA is a low budget laptop that came out in May of 2015. This Intel Core i3 laptop was designed to be affordable for consumers.

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whether capslock is on or off on keyboard

'''how do i know whether capslock is on or off on my ASUS keyboard because there is no sign related to it

i am too confused

please help me

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sala kaam hota h lkin khada he nh hota lodu laptop h


I have this problem too - why isnt there a light to tell you about num lock like there is for cap lock - have no ideawh at scroll lock does but page up and down never work.


what i mean is my asus has a light on the caplock key to show cap lock is on - doesnt yours?


Mine does not either. :-(


Mine neither. Big problem when you are entering a secret code...


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Try the following:

Go to Control Panel > Ease of Access Centre, scroll down to Make the keyboard easier to Use

Check the Turn on Toggle Keys checkbox.

Click Apply > OK.

Now you will hear a tone when you press Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock. Windows will play an alert beep warning each time you press the Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock keys. These alerts can help you prevent accidentally pressing this key.

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The best solution:

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Really HELPFUL little utility for folks w/ cheep laptops w/o keyboard indicators.


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