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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Home button is unresponsive

So I have a problem.

I repaired my display on my iPhone 6 and I know how to do it perfectly because I worked in a repair store 6 months ago for 2 years and some more experiences. And suddenly now my home button doesn't work when my phone is sleeping. I can use my power button to wake it and then my home button works perfectly fine. Even when I put it back to sleep, it is working but only for the first 5 seconds. When my charging cable is plugged into it, it works like 60-70% of the time even when it was off for an hour or more. Also, the touch ID isn't working anymore. Home button was never replaced.

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Either the home button extension cable is partially damaged or teared (really hard to tell but it's easy to damage) or the home button cable itself on the home button is damaged.

Best bet is to try another home button extension cable first (I buy with the metal shield to avoid the hassle of trying to install the home button cable without it pre-assembled).

Here is the part I am talking about, ignore where it says replacing the cable stops touchID from working, it is false and only applies to replacing the actual home button itself.

iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable

iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable Изображение


iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable


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Has to be either a partial tear on the home flex, home button, or possibly debris in the home button connector.

My guess is its a small tear somewhere on the home flex. Its super easy to tear if you aren't careful. Heck...you can tear it even when you are careful.

OP: replace the flex and you should be good.


Sorry for the long response time. I was busy with lots of stuff. Anyway, I ordered those parts and the problem was solved.. partially. Now it's saying that it's unable to activate the touch ID on this iphone. :/


go into your settings and remove touch ID from iTunes purchases. Reboot your phone and try Touch ID again.

I've heard it reported that this fixes it and I'd like confirmation one way or the other.


I can't even turn it on. Already made a reset on all my settings but it's still not working


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I am 90% sure you damaged the ribbon cable or the connection housing in the odds is the ribbon replace the home button and it should be fine if not then the connection between the ribbon housing on the main board and the board is damaged and you are up a creek with out a paddle

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