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Why is this computers so slow.

Computer is worse than my old one. takes forever to do anything on it. then when it does come up it keeps loosing the program.

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Jim, I believe heat may be a big issue with the 15 series of Dell and also make sure to have the latest Bios version/update. If comfortable doing this, dismantle and clean all the dust from fans, heat sinks, cpu, board and all venting. You can also run your system clean up, defrag, virus detection, malware,etc to clean up system and delete programs no longer used all this could help speed up system.

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Installing and uninstalling programs can slow your PC down overtime, because of this I every once in awhile I clean install my OS (Operating System) or Windows. Unfortunately clean installing removes all your files and programs so remember to backup everything. If your PC is still slow you can try installing linux, versions like Ubuntu and Chrome OS are really good and free.

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