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Unveiled at the 2000 North American International Auto Show on January 10, 2000, the redesigned 2001 Dodge Caravan and 2001 Chrysler Town & Country were released for sale in August 2000.

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Only left high beam works with no low beams

It's a headlight problem no low beams and only the driver side highbeam works so the question is what would cause this the bulbs have been replaced

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Steve, Ensure all bulbs are good(test them), check all fuses and relays (I believe there may be separate fuses for each bulb) locations should be in your manual. Other things that may cause issue with lights are bad grounds, corroded damaged wires,plugs, multi function/ headlight switch defective, if equipped faulty FCM (front Control module), BCM faulty.

Check the attached links,instruction and guides on how to trouble shoot and suggested tips on what to try before replacing parts., Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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Here is a link that explains how to replace a headlight bulb in your caravan. Tap on or click on the blue link. I hope this helps. Good luck!


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