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The iMac G3 came in tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, and strawberry colors.

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Disassembly guide for iMac G3 M4984

I have an M4984 iMac G3(tray loading) that I recently got that I want to disassemble to check whether it has all its parts and has no internal damage. The guide on here only goes as far as removing the logic board assembly, and I haven't been able to find any other guides online for this model. I don't want to try to figure out how to take it apart by myself as I'm a bit scared of working with the CRT, and I don't know much about older desktops. Does anyone know of a teardown/disassembly guide for this iMac? Thanks.

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@ezra this manual iMac G3 disassembly guide should help with the disassembly. The next document shows you how to approach working on CRT's. ESD Safety Make sure you familiarize yourself with proper procedures to avoid a hair raising, heart stopping experience.

Update (10/20/2016)

See if this comes closer to what you have iMac G3 Service Manual If it does not, add some images of what your layout etc. look like. Use this guide for that.

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That guide is for the newer one, mine's an older tray loading 233MHz one, which looks a lot different from the inside, is it similar enough to use that guide for?


Yes that guide works for mine, thank you! And thanks for that safety manual too.


I believe OldTurkey could come up with the repair manual for a 1911 Model 41 Maytag Wringer Washer if it was needed ;-) You are something else!



@mayer I do take that as a compliment:-). Good thing about those washers is that a service manual was not needed. Our Pioneers fixed those by getting their hands dirty.


Alrighty, after reading that manual I've decided that I'm not comfortable with (mostly) taking the whole thing apart to inspect it 'cause I'm excessively scared of CRT's. Bit of a background on this computer: from what I know the only damage it could have is it being outside for about a month in the summer, and I think it only lightly got rained on somewhat recently. It looks very clean and in good condition otherwise. If I just remove all the plastic casing and logic board assembly and leave the EMI shield and everything else on would that be good enough to check whether it could still work without breaking itself or blowing up?


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