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Released October 2013, identified by model number T100TAR-B1-GR(S). The T100TAR is a detachable tablet with a smart gesture-enabled touchpad and advanced connectivity.

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Why does my screen become unresponsive and occasionally freeze?

When using to the device, the screen becomes unresponsive and frozen, how do I fix this?

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this problem seems like that your window driver have been crashed if its not starting save the data and reinstall window if it starting so download the asus assistant then scan the pc it help you to troubleshoot automatically


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Hello Nick,

The problem of unresponsive/freezing screen with your ASUS device might be due to simple low level errors or driver crashes. A simple reboot of your device can allow the screen functionality to be back to normal. However, if the problem still persists, you might need to do a Windows Advanced Boot to repair your device.

Here is a link to do this: Asus Transformer Book T100TAR Troubleshooting

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How do I do. Windows..

Advanced Boot?


@suzzyq if the procedure described at the troubleshooting page linked above doesn't work for you, read here about what's the best method to access the menu depending on the circumstances: https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-access-a...


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