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How to fix iPhone 4s error 29

While updating my device i got error 29, and i have seen lots of suggestion which says this is due to changing I phone Battery.

But I have never changed the battery since I bought it.

The current battery APN is 616-0579 and I changed it again with Iphone original battery with same APN 616-0579 but still my Iphone get stuck on recovery mode please advice do i need to replace the battery with APN 616-0581 or the problem is not with the battery.

Also before replacing the battery i rubbed the clip area with alcohol .

Please help!

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I need help i dont work on anything


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I hope everyone has tried another original battery that works fine to restore again.

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I hope Replace 2 resistor inside battery c c problem solved tested solution

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Try with genuine apple battery it will works fine and restore once again.

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This error as I could see is related to the power line of the board. To solve it you have some option;

1- Try to enter in recovery mode and reboot the device

2- Possibly the battery is not original so try to change the battery and re-plug in the iTunes

3- check the five capacitor in front the battery conector on the main board and see if they are healthy, if so, you have to solve it replace another one with microsoldering

4- check the battery conector and it's vicinity to see if everything is normal.

Hope to have helped anyone!


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