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Identified by model number 347NR, the laptop was released in 2010. It runs on the Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

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Why does my computer become extremely hot?

After my computer has been running for a little bit, it becomes really hot and starts making weird noises. Sometimes it even freezes and I cannot get it to work anymore.

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The fan in the laptop could have dust built up on it. To fix this, take the fan out and clean it. You can do this by blowing air on and around the fan to clear off any dust.

Another problem could be that the fan is blocked and needs a chance to cool down. Do a hard reset of the device, then lay the laptop in a cool area with the fan facing up so nothing is blocking air from it.

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It is definitely your battery! I posted this as a possibility when your laptop goes black and now I am convinced your battery has reached it's end of life.

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