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This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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Webcam connector HP Envy 17

I opened my HP Envy 17 to remove the broken plastic bits from the broken left hinge & when I put it back together the webcam is not working. Can someone please tell me where the webcam connects to the board, I can't find it on the internet & I don't want to open it until I know what I missed. Thanks for any help, much appreciated.

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Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop.


On p.20 it says that the Display assembly includes the following: display panel cable, web camera/microphone module and cable, and 2 wireless antenna cables and transceivers

On p.71 it shows the removal of cables from the systemboard. The #1 cable in the image shows that there are two connectors, one for the display cable and the other for the display function cable.

I think that the webcam cable and microphone cable etc are part of the display function cable which also goes through the hinge to the motherboard.

Update (11/05/2016)

Hi @zandra6,

OK. Here is the link for your model HP Envy 17 (also known as HP ENVY 17-j111tx F7P64PA).


On p.64 Item #3 shows the webcam cable connection to the systemboard. The webcam/microphone cable also is shown on p.22 Item #6 and on p.66 Item #2.

Hopefully it is the right one this time.

ps Stupid thought but have you checked the webcam under Imaging Devices in Device Manager to see if it is enabled/disabled and that the drivers are OK?

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Sadly this manual does not match the inside of the laptop. It was bought in 2014 & has a completely different layout. I did however check all the cables that came through the hinges & they are all connected but webcam still not working. Is there another manual out there for the newer model. I still can't find it. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


Hi, What is your exact model number?


Hi. It's F7P64PA. Thanks jayeff


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