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Second generation of the Fairphone, made by the social enterprise with the same name. Released in December 2015. Model number: FP2-XCVR

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Why does my fairphone disconnect the microphone during calls?

My fairphone obviosly disconnects from the mic during calls, so the person I am talking to cannot hear me any more. I can still hear the other person.

After I have interrupted the call by hanging up the phone works properly again for a while.

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Try using the earphones with the microphone attachment.

If you can be heard all the time this proves that the voice transmission circuitry is OK but that there is a problem with the phone's microphone. It is either intermittently faulty itself or it has a loose connection to the systemboard.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to replace the microphone in your phone.

Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement

If you still experience the problem when using the earphones with the microphone attachment then there is a problem with the voice transmission circuitry in the systemboard.

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