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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Upgrade a MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2009 Model a 1TB Hard Drive?

Hi, Can I upgrade my Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2009 Model with a 1TB Samsung or Hitachi Hard Drive? Please guide me Because these 1TB hard drives are 12.5 mm tall.

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The samsung, It should work fine, based on the reviews I have read. People are installing this drive in the 13inch newer model unibody style too.

You might consider the Western Digital model as well, same 12.5mm.

I am not sure about the Hatachi I haven't bought a laptop hatachi drive for a macbook yet.

Shame they don't make the black edition Western Digital in a 1TB size for laptops............

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I would go with the WD also. +


From OWC:

1.0TB WD Scorpio Blue 5200RPM SATA *12.5mm* HD with Advanced Format Technology - Fits all Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro 'Unibody' Models (13/15/17"), MacBook Pro 'pre-unibody' 17", and PC Laptops which support 12.5mm SATA Drives. New with 3yr WD Warranty. (WDGWD10TPVT)


Thanx a lot, Brian. I think even Hitachi should be well compatible for Macbook Pros because I have Hitachi HDD inside my Macbook Pro Mid 2009 supplied by Apple. Just One more small question for you, if you don't mind. The visible major difference b/w Samsung and WD HDDs worth 1tb size is just 200 RPMs. That is 5400 for Samsung and 5200 for WD. Does it really matter on performance, here?


I do not think 200 RPM would see a real world difference,unless some other factor like cache was better or you were using programs the depend a great deal on your hard drive......meaning I don't think someone could tell between the two for normal use.... some reviews/feedback here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...

1TB is a large size for a laptop and a "fast" 1TB drive for such a small form factor is not available. If you were to get a smaller capacity hard drive, higher speeds (7200PRM) would be available. Higher RPM drives also use more power, some people complain about noise or heat from such a drive. Personally on the older model MBP's the palmrest might get a little warmer, other then that, laptops speed increase was good, did not give me any issues and worth anything so minor.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...


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hi guys i been trying the wole site to get any help i have a Macbook Pro late 2009 when i bought the mac i use to have 250 gb 5400 rpm hard drive im DJ so i have a lot of songs in my hard drive i tried so many time to upgrade my hard drive to 500gb 7200rpm and i backup my whole system with super duper software i put it inside the computer i turn it on it works fine but every time when i tried to open any kind of software or google chrome it gets freeze for like 30 to 40 seconds i can move my mouse but also i have the color things turning on the mouse so any advise what can i do im using my 250gb the orginal hd from apple but dont have any more space i want to upgrade it please help ty

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You should probably post this as a question.My email is the only reason i noticed it. (it appears on the site as an answer to the posted question).


I am sorry to post a reply here. But as this guy(djstar) have already put a question, let me reply him.

If you (djstar) would not have mentioned the model of your Macbook Pro, I might not have replied you. From your description of the problem, it seems that you have the exact same problem, I had. I also own a Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2009. Now the problem here is not the old hard drive or new hard drive. But, the problem here is Apple.

I am not going in to the detail history to explain why I am saying so. But to cut short, I am directly suggesting you the solution.

From the description of your problem, it seems that the new hard drive you bought is SATA II (3.0 Gb/s speed) hard drive [while your old drive must be SATA I = 1.5 GB/s speed drive]. Plus, you have updated your Mac with Apple software update, which have installed a firmware update called EFI 1.7.



So, now you have to downgrade your firmware from EFI 1.7 to EFI 1.6. This will not harm you or your computer in anyway. Except one thing that is, you won't be able to use the new speed hard drives in their full capacities. But that should not bother you because the old drive supplied to you, with which you were fully satisfied was also a SATA I drive with 1.5 Gb/s max speed.

One more thing I can suggest you is that if you have your Apple care available, to to Apple store genius bar and fight with them to replace your mother board (logic board) with new one with SATA II compatibility inbuilt, not mere a firmware upgrade like EFI 1.7. Apple did this purposefully. I am saying so because the people who had ordered Macbook Pros with SSDs had received logic board with SATA II from the beginning and not just the firmware upgrade.


Continued 2...

Now, to downgrade your EFI 1.7 to EFI 1.6 please google the details. I can't supply you with the link to download the firmware file and description of how to downgrade. But, it is easily available.

I can't guaranty you that this will work for you for sure. But, 99% of the chances this is the major problem with Hard Drive upgrade in 2009 Macs.

PS: I am really sorry to Brian and others who have received these comments as emails. But as djstar had put this as an answer to my question, I didn't see any other way to answer his question and have replied here.


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