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SSD write speed low

Hi guys,

I just installed a new Crucial 750gb SSD in place of my old HDD. I also installed 16gb ram.

I'm running Mac OS Sierra

I ran black magic disk speed test and for some reason my write speed is only 250 mb/s while my read speed is 450ish.

Any advice to improve my write speed? everyone who I've seen make this change on this Mac Pro model (9,2) seems to have higher speeds.


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Replace the HD/IR cable. Take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (they have a financial incentive to help you, Apple pays them for the repair) and they may do this for free on this model. This is (as far as I know) an unannounced replacement program on this model.

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Hm, try resetting the PRAM and see what happens. Also, check if the RAM memory works ok. Also, please check that the SATA cable isn't scratched somewhere or it wasn't put the right way in the bracket.

Good luck!

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I reset the PRAM and no change.

I also ran apple hardware tests (from shutdown "options-D) with no problems found.


It's not that I'm finding the system slow or anything. I was just expecting a higher write speed.


I personally dont like Crucial, Kingston or OCZ suits better to me... :(

Bad luck.


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