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The Zeepad 7DRK is an inexpensive tablet made by Android and released in May of 2014. This tablet is also is characterized by the apps that are pre-installed in the system, like Youtube, Skype, and Netflix.

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Why is my power button jammed?

The power button seems to be stuck and I cannot turn the tablet back on. How do i fix this? Do I need to take it apart?

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Trevor, if your power button is jammed the most likely cause is that the small plastic insert for the button has slipped out of place, or it has gotten caught on the edge of the opening.

To learn more and see how to fix this, check out the Zeepad 7DRK Troubleshooting Page, and take a look at what we found about stuck buttons:

Zeepad 7DRK Troubleshooting

I hope this helps.

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