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The ProntoTec Axius 7”is an economy Android tablet featuring front and rear-facing camera, a Quad Core 1.2 GHz CPU, Android OS 4.4, and a 6GB internal storage.

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Why won’t sound play through my device speakers?

When I play music in my device I can only hear it when I plug in my headphones. Music or any other type of sounds won’t play through my device speakers. What is the issue and how can it be fixed?

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Also, something to add would be that the speakers may have been blown, or possibly some wires have gotten disconnected or even melted down if the computer gets very hot.

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If you can hear sound on your device using headphones but not through the speakers, then your speakers might be dirty or have something stuck on it that is causing interference with the sound. Use a brush or an airbrush to blow it out and clean it. If after cleaning it the problem still prevails, your device speakers might be defective. To replace it refer to this guide or the Troubleshooting page. for more information

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