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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Fungus on LCD screen

Hello guys,

I just encountered something weird on my laptop. FUNGUS!!!!! It must be them as you can see in the picture. Yesterday it was only just a very tiny dot on the screen. After one day, it got this big.

Block Image

Is there anyway that I can clean it myself? Appreciate if anyone can help me :)

Update 1 (1/12):

I haven't fixed until now, I am in the middle of the exam so don't have time to fix :( I think I will do it within 2 days.

@mayer yeah, it's not a retina display, quite old already, mid 2010, and yep, I'm in southeast asia, currently in Singapore.

@gigabit87898 yeah may be? cause I am seeing some other "stripe" on the screen now. But I don't know how the water can get inside the display. I never bring the laptop outside nor spill any kind of liquid on it. haizz

@oldturkey03 the growth is very very bad :( btw what is the diffuser sheet? Is it the glass?

BTW, is it ok to use bleach to kill this thing as @joshw suggested. after using the bleach, should I leave the panel for some times before reassembling it back?

Here's the picture of the most up-to-date condition :(

Block Image

Update 2 (4/12):

I tried to dissemble the glass but I failed. It was too brittle that it started to shatter as soon as I pulled the glass up. I am ordering a new front glass now and it will be arriving in 1-2 weeks time. I will update you guys as soon as I receive it.

Update 3 (28/12):

My friends and I managed to disassemble the glass and we all hoped that it was on the glass but no :( it's still there, inside the LCD screen I guess? We did use IPA to clean the screen but no effect. I think I will have to order another LCD screen for replacement. This is how it looks like now, really bad right? I guess the mold has won this fight lolol

Block Image

For this one, I didn't notice it at first. Now, I'm wondering if it is the mold or the screen malfunction itself.

Block Image

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@nganh , Weird! Probably not a necessity, maybe you should have that stuff/mold tested at a local college/university and see how harmful it might be and where it possibly came from. Just a precaution! Good luck with your device.


@lpfaff1 I don't think necessary leh, since it's just some kind of normal mold? But I will be careful when I open it though


Now we know how the Zombie Apocalypse starts....


Was this fixed? I found this when looking for Mac book air case to protect against MOLD! lol

I had mold inside my fan (black mold = toxic). I have to sell it, but just bought mack book air for school. Need to find good case and sleeve to protect against mold in case it’s in my apartment!


Sadly, no John. I had to replace the whole LCD thing. I think it was within the LCD itself.

OMG, how do you discover you have mold in your fan? I think that the case won't be of much use in protecting our macbook against mold. They will find a way into our macbook. Our best chance is to keep it away from the damp environment


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This growth is similar to the dreaded "Cheetos Finger Fungus".

Here's how to clean the screen of your infected machine before the CDC comes in with bio-hazard suits and nabs it. https://www.cdc.gov


Be sure to jump on this quickly before it spreads:



If the fungus is one the inside, you will have to pull the glass. Here's how:

MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Front Display Glass Replacement

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HAHAHA but it doesn't help though. It is on the other side of the glass. I am not sure how to open it to clean :/


See update. I'd look for other areas and use at least 90% alcohol to disinfect it.


Living stuff = bleach to kill it. I have no idea what that would do to your screen but I would assume 1:10 bleach to hot water wouldn't hurt anything and it should be potent enough to kill the little spores.

I won't lie...this is kind of awesome. I've never seen anything like that before.


Biggest issue I see with that, is that it is between the glass and the diffuser. The panel will have to be totally disassembled. Mark the diffuser sheets when you do so. There are a few different ones. It is pretty cool looking. Unusual so since fungus thrives in warm, dark, moist spaces which is not necessarily in front off a bunch of LED's


@oldturkey03 I don't think this is a retina display.


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hi there maybe this will work get a clean sponge souk it in warm water then out all the wet then put in the area on your screen where the defect is just make warm,,,,

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@bjtech87 moist warmth is the exact environment that fungi need to grow. Great idea if you want to further increase the rapid growth of this, bad idea if you want to get rid of it.

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@bjtech87 it's on the other side, so I don't think doing that will work. Even if it works, those streaks are still there and it is very annoying


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That will work fine

Block Image

Block Image

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