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The Asus MeMO Pad 10 features a vibrant IPS display with a 1280 x 800 resolution.

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How do I stop the flickering on my MeMO Pad?

As suggested I tried turning up the brightness and turned off the power saving functions as well as any apps that would affect the brightness. They did not work. I also wiped the tablet to factory and reinstalled my apps, as a new device. That also did not work. The screen flickering never completely goes blank and the lines seem to only go horizontally. I am thinking that there might be a connection that is coming apart inside. This would be my first time trying to take a tablet apart and I am a little nervous but want to learn, any tips would be appreciated.

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For a start here is a video which shows how to disassemble on your tablet.


It is a good guide as to how to open your tablet, what tools are necessary and what to be aware of etc.

You can initially check the flex cables. To get to the other end of the video cable you will have to dis assemble more of the tablet.

Handy hints:

1. Take pictures of connections etc before you disconnect them. That way if you are unsure what goes where or how it was installed you have a record of it.

2. Place any part the you remove from the tablet in a jar or container so that they do not become misplaced etc.

3. Once you have the tablet open, identify and disconnect the battery cable connection first. This way if you slip whilst using any tools and you accidentally bridge across components etc, there is no power on the motherboard which may cause an electrical fault to occur. When re assembling the tablet reconnect the battery cable connection last, just before you close up the tablet, for exactly the same reason as before.

4. Take your time. If in doubt slow down and think it through. Review the video again. Remember to treat electronics carefully and gently.

5. Some flex cable connectors may be of the "locking bar"type. There is a bar which is hinged and needs to be raised for the flex cable to be removed. Study the connector before attempting to remove the cable and see if there is a hinged bar on the top. Do not just blindly try to pull out the cable.

6. Do not have any liquids anywhere near your work area. If you need a drink have it away from the work area. Murphy's Law dictates that if it can happen it will - you are warned!

Hopefully this is of some help.

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