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The GoPro Hero5 Black is an HD waterproof action camera released by GoPro in October of 2016. The 4k resolution video camera has voice control, a touch screen display, and built in WiFi.

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LCD not lighting up

I accidentally inserted the sd card into the small gap between the sd card slot and the battery. Now the LCD doesn't light up but is still touch sensitive. Besides that, the camera is still fully functional. Can I fix this myself or will I have to send it to gopro? Also does warranty cover this?

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Hello Bob John,

This could be caused by you accidentally removing the LCD connector when you inserted the SD Card. Can you can open the Gopro and look to see if you accidentally disconnected a cable. When you open also look to see if you did some damage to the Logic Board and let me know what you find out.

I wish you luck and I can do more help if you have any questions please comment on this and Ill get back to you.


Keegan Bourque


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Contact costomer support. They'll help you fix it or fix it for you. The warranty will be void if you open it up though, so I don't recommend that.

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