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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Required screws to replace rivets?

I am aware of the procedure to replace a1369 keyboard. Its coming this week. What screws are needed in place of the rivets...

I had actually though the keyboard would stay in place without them but maybe not...

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The seller of the keyboard should be suppling you either the needed screws or rivets or both depending on what you need for your given system. If they don't offer them look for a different seller.

You need the required fasteners and you do need to put in the correct ones. Apple has three different layouts screws only (A), mixed screws & rivets (B) and lastly rivets only (C).

While at first people used screws on either B or C setups to replace the rivets it was messy and the screw heads still could rub on the battery which is not too smart.

As time moved on plastic rivets became available! Today the keyboard suppliers offer the needed screws and/or rivets for the given keyboard.

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@danj that's interesting, didn't know they sell plastic rivets now. Have you got a link to this so I can send a picture to my supplier please :)


I too would like to know where to get rivets. Also where to get the foam tape you are using when replacing hard drive cables.


As for the rivets I'll have to ask the guy who order the parts where he got them. Its nice not having to deal with all of the parts ordering ;-}

@mayer - The foam tape is just this: 3M - Single Coated Adhesive Foam Tape


@reecee & @mayer - You love this!

I finally got in touch with my parts guy and he's been making them! We have some 3D printers which he's been using. Talk about ingenuity!

So, I guess you'll need to buy a 3D printer to make them! ;-}


@danj wow awesome :D I think ill stick to screws at the moment then haha


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Yes please post link for plastic rivets for the a1369 keyboard. I have just got my keyboard and there's nothing included.

Only thing I can find is screws on eBay and that's from China. Hoping for a UK seller for quick delivery

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Here are the screws from a UK supplier http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Keyboard-Screw...

I order them from my China supplier, so I cannot vouch for this seller obviously, but they will hold the keyboard in place. I have used keyboard screws for every keyboard I have replaced on Retinas and Airs so far with no issues, so if you need a quick solution, order these :)


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