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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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How can I get this connector?

I did the HDD replacement by myself according to Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement .

However, I did a mistake and broke the thermal sensor connector.

I could not find it anywhere even the whole sensor unit.

Actually I need the connector part excluding sensor part.

I need your help.

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You don't really need the thermal sensor, my iMac 27" doesn't have one connected to its HDD because it has an SSD which is incompatible with the jumpers that the sensor uses. Basically, it is generally okay if its not connected. The computer will think its 128° C and the fans will run mad. If your okay with the sound of the fan (which I am) then you can keep it like that.

If you insist on a thermal sensor;

Apple iMac 20" Thermal Sensor Optical Cable 593-0191-A

Apple Macbook Pro 15" Middle Thermal Sensor for A1260

I couldn't find any specifically for your mac mini, however I do believe they are (somewhat) interchangeable

General search for thermal sensor

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Thanks Gabe ;) Core Duo and C2D Mac mini requires the HDD thermal sensor. If you omit this sensor, the mini's fan will cry madly. It looks like a helicopter. I do not know about iMac because when I used iMac I did not try to disassemble it. Anyway, I need the MBP 15", one of your recommendations, but it must be satisfied with 14cm long or longer. However, it seems to be shorter than 14cm. I did not broke the sensor exactly, so I need just the twisted leads and connector parts. Could you possibly get detailed info? Thanks for your sincere help.


I omited the sensors and the fans run at max (6500 RPM I believe), but I'm fine with it.

What exactly did you break? if you had enough skill with a soldering iron you can take what you have and use the remaining wire from your broken one to make it longer.


Mac mini is a small device ;-( so it gets loud. Actually, I broke the plastic connector but fixed with Loctite. And it looks modified. However, the mini is still warranty available according to serial number. Apple authorized center will reject its repair if they find something different from original setting. Hence, I would like to show them it is untouched ;). Anyway your idea was helpful. Thanks..


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on ebay, in part.

i thinks thermal sensor of imac is not the same..

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Same thing happened with me and was able to fix it by soldering the wires to the top 2 leads on the interconnect board. It is really difficult to do but I was able to complete it. Without the sensor mac mini just ran fan on high RPM so looks like it is used for whole system for temperature sensor.

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I did the same thing on my 2009 Mini (3,1). The little black connector came completely off of the interconnect board, leaving a flush surface at J210. From the photos I've seen (http://s1.guide-images.ifixit.com/igi/hZ...), it looks like it just sits on the surface of the board. I don't see how the 2 leads actually connect with anything on the board itself. I could glue it back on, but that doesn't seem right. I could solder each of the 2 wire ends to something, but I'm not sure to what.

Any help will be most appreciated!

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This is a good example of how not starting a new question will get your question lost without an answer.


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