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have a missfire on cyl 1 random after 2 accelerations from stops

compression is 145 -150 on all cylinders-fuel pressure 58-tested coil by switching it with 3 still misfire on 1 still-checked fuel injector harness with nod light good-replaced plugs still misses on 1-replaced crank sensor and miss continues-checked for intake leaks with propane nothing found engine light flashes- scan shows p301 -shut engine off restart its fine until second acceleration and #1 misses again -car does have exhaust system leak help!!!!!!!

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@oldguy , Rod, Bad plug wire if equipped perhaps. I find engine starter aerosol works better for locating vacuum leaks, perhaps try it(especially at the base of injector). If you can tap on the the injector body with a wrench when engine running, to see if you notice a change in the way engine runs. If change in engine, the injector is possibly partially clogged, causing miss. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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