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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Android smartphone was announced on September 2014.

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Cannot send text message

I can receive texts but cannot send

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my phone can not send text mesages


can somebody help


Hi @ alex mosaquites,

Have you checked the answer in the Chosen Solution below to see if your phone is set up correctly to send texts?

What is the make and model number of your phone if different to what is shown on this page?

Are you using the phone's stock message app or a 3rd party messaging app?

Try using the phone in safe mode (search online for your make and model safe mode) and then try to send a text, and see if it works.


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Check what it shown in the SMS Message Centre setting in your phone.

To check the setting in your phone tap on Messages > more options > settings and locate the option for Message Centre. Tap to enter to change the information.

As each mobile phone service provider has a different setting (it is usually a phone number or a code number) you will need find what is the correct information that has to be inserted by going to your service provider's website and searching for SMS Message Centre.

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