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A second-generation budget cassette tape player that replaced the wm-1 in 1983.

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Spring popped off after tear-down


currently my cassette player plays cassettes, but the eject function no longer works. A spring popped off, and I'm not sure where it goes. The door for the player no longer opens when the eject button is pressed.

Since the eject button no longer works, I cannot put a cassette in without having to press down a plastic piece that is stuck in the down position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, its mostly a mechanical problem.


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Teenietech , Open the tear down link below. Go down to step 3, click on the second image so it displays larger, now click on the magnify glass in top left of pic., now drag magnifier down to large grey drive wheel being driven by belt and click to magnify that area. To me it looks like you can barely see the loop of a spring attached to the discolored plastic lever and running under the grey drive wheel. Maybe not, but have a look. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Sony Walkman WM-4 Teardown

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hey I had the same problem just after doing a repair job and I figured it out, if you are still needing help I can send some pix of where and how its placed, actually a lot easier than I thought too. basically open the back, there is a hole in the part of the door that sticks through, and there is another hole in the metal frame holding the cards just near it (close to the battery compartment). sits a bit awkwardly but it works! :) hope that helps, you or anyone else.

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Hey man, i just bought a wm-4 . And same thing happened. It’s the door spring. Look where the door hinge is and apply the spring in that door hinge hole and the hole next to it by the brown card. You are gonna have to figure it out how to do it. It’s pretty difficult to put back. But it’s worth it. Goodluck.

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