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Игровая приставка от Sony Computer Entertainment, анонсированная 20 февраля 2013 года и выпущенная 15 ноября 2013.

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Any ps4 experts that can help?

TLDR: If anyone can help /tell me what the job of the 3 ribbon cables going from daughterboard to disc drive that would be very much appreciated

Hi guys and girls, I purchased a faulty ps4 a while ago that wouldn't turn on (turned out to be the power supply, not sure what previous owner has done but basically it was visible that they had tried to take it apart but couldn't get it back together) so I managed to get it back to how it was and yippee got myself a working ps4 for £30.

However while it was dismantled I noticed that the middle of the 3 ribbon cables (the one from daughter board that connects to the laser) was damaged. I'm guessing they took the disc drive apart to get a disc out as the rollers in the disc drive we're not even joined.

Sure enough the console won't recognise games, can anyone help? Would that ribbon cable being damaged cause the console to throw up the unrecognized disc? Or is that purely to power the laser?

If anyone can help /tell me what the job of the 3 ribbon cables going from daughterboard to disc drive that would be very much appreciated

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Have you considered a replacement drive? If the previous owner had problems, maybe you will too. Would wan't your disks to get stuck, would you?


I could buy one but if it's just 1 ribbon cable that's the issue then I wouldn't spend out money that I didn't have to, and the disc goes in and comes out as it should.


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the ribbon cable can cause problems since if the laser is not getting the proper power it will not be able to work correctly or the drive can also be damaged. so getting a new cable and seeing if that works would be the best thing to do. always look at the easiest solution first right? lol. hopefully it is the cable and you can have a working ps4 in no time

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Thanks, I will give it a try


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The middle cable is the only cable that connects the laser and everything else, what else would you expect the laser to send data with, wifi? Of course that is the laser power, control and data cable.

Also post a picture with your question, it's hard to refer to the components by "this", "that", "left", "right" or in this case "middle".

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No need to be rude, if you don't have the answer then don't reply. There's only 3 ribbon cablesthat I'm talking about so I hardly need a picture


yeah this answer is kind of rude.


Especially For someone with 25k rep. Not sure how he managed that!


If you expect high quality answers, get your question done properly. 25k means I've seen way too many questions that are either just obvious and taking up space, or so poorly formatted nobody knows what they are talking about. Sometimes both.



High quality answer? I'm not sure you would know what that was if it bit you in the backside. You were just being %#*@ right rude and my question was that obvious that you couldn't even tell me the answer? ? No reason for you to comment a sarcastic answer, aebelcarris understood my question perfectly so why was it so difficult for you to understand?


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