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Released in November 2012, the GoPro HERO3 is a Wi-Fi capable, 4K resolution digital camcorder.

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How can I get wifi password?

I order GoPro Hero3 Black Full Assembly and I received.

And I try connect to wifi, but I cannot.

because I don't know password.

How can I get wifi password?

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Very simple, if you are matching for the first time, the default password is "GoProhero". If you have forgotten your previous password, you will need to visit the GoPro official website to re-update your ID and password. This is the step:

Step 1, go to the Hero3+ page > "Other update methods" > select "Manually update camera".

In step 2, go to the page where you filled out the details and fill in the information, including your serial number and registration information > "Next".

In step 3, select "Wi-Fi update only" > "Next".

Step 4, follow the instructions to complete > complete.

Here is a more comprehensive introduction: https://www.fonecope.com/how-to-reset-go...


@antonton Just wanted to update this as currently there is no option to update WiFi settings that I could find. The only option is the full Manual Update which does not affect the wifi name/password. Managed to solve this after speaking to support and some experimenting.

Support linked me to these instructions, which I had not found before despite much digging and which are dated July 15th 2022: https://community.gopro.com/s/article/So...

However, if you try to download and install either the full Manual Update or Wifi Update as described nothing will happen. The workaround I found was:

> Follow the link to download the file at the bottom of the main Hero3 Manual Update page (or in my case Hero3+): https://gopro.com/en/ca/update/hero3

> Unzip the file simply named UPDATE.zip

> Download the Wifi Update from the July 15th page and unzip it

> Open HERO3 Wifi Update

> Move the files INTO the main UPDATE folder

> Then proceed with the update as normal


This worked (cristianmail's post), I had to create my own manual files, then add them to the download pack of either links from Stefan and it worked.

Make sure to leave the go pro app every time to make sure the connection is starting fresh each time.


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1.Connect your GoPro to your computer. (Alternatively, you can also just insert your

microSD card using an SD card adapter)

2.Download the file from the link at the bottom of this post

3.Extract the zipped folder

4.Copy the contents of the folder and paste its content to the root folder of your GoPro’s microSD card.

5.Paste the whole “UPDATE” folder to your GoPro’s root folder. The files must be in a folder with the name “UPDATE”, otherwise it won’t work.

6.Unplug your GoPro. It should automatically turn off.

7.Turn it back on. Your GoPro should display now that it’s updating. Once it’s done it will turn off again.

8.You can turn it back on now and connect to its WiFi network with your device using the default login:

Network name (SSID): GoProHero

Network password: goprohero

Download link, replace the $ with a period after net because otherwise it'll delete my answer http://trendblog$net/download/files/GoPro_Hero3+_Black_WiFi_Reset.zip

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Thank you your help.

I did it the way you told, but I fail.

But I found the way at the site you mentioned and I Success.

My Gopro type hero3, (not hero3+).

That's just the reason. ^^

Thank you!!!


Glad I could help @bbogle ! Please vote up my answer and mark this as solved. :)


page not found :((


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Simple and easy to follow guide : https://youtu.be/LvVSQqCqfPA

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