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Android tablet released in September of 2014. Lenovo Tab S8-50F

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Touch screen not work

Touch screen not work

"Lenovo tab s8"

I search in internet how replacement the screen but I found many tablets like my tablet

Lenovo tab s8-50

Lenovo tab s8-50f

Lenovo tab s8-50l

I don't know if screen work in my tablet

And if won't replacement touch screen digitizer only or replacement all display

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There is only an S8-50. The letters after, e.g. F or L or LC are for the S8-50 models which offer various extra options or enhancements. There are 6 different motherboards available in the S8 50 range for example but only the 1 LCD / touchscreen module

Here is a link to the service manual for a Lenovo S8 50 tablet.


It shows how to dis-assemble the tablet.

It also shows that the LCD screen and the Touchscreen are one complete module.

Here is the part number for the module - 5D69A6N2YU. (Item #4 p.38 of the manual)

Searching online, using just this number in the search box only, (see image below) will give results of suppliers of the part.

It is not cheap to buy!

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I am very happy with your reply.thank you very much


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