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The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One printer can be used as a printer, copier, scanner. This printer uses a 5 color print system.

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Out of paper fault message

hi, my printer doesnt detect paper in the tray and the out of paper message appear, load paper in the main tray. Which I have obviously done. I have checked for any paper residues or jams, clean the rollers and all accesible parts. tried resetting to factory setups but nothing is working .... Iver had this printer for 6 yrs, I think it had his time .... But if anyone has an fixing trick for that one, I would like to try fixing it to give it to charity.

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There should be a little lever, near the paper pick up rollers, that detects the presence of paper. Sometimes it gets knocked off its pivots, it should be spring loaded so that paper pushes it up to indicate paper is present. Sometimes the lever wears out or breaks off, this would be the time to replace the printer.

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call H.P. for help

they fixed mine for free. 1-800-474-6836

you'll get this recording saying to go to the web site but just wait it will send you to somebody after awhile.

then tell them whats going on and they will help you fix it

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