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Radio light does not work

Radio works but light is not on

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This is the part you need available at E-bay:

FUSE/VARISTOR 2.3A 50V ROHM ICP-S2.3TN Surface Mount J-Lead ICP-S2.3 - 5 Pieces


I have a 2003 Honda accord, my radio light doesn’t come on and my radio cuts out when it’s connected to my phone playing music


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@centaur1 , Rick, Radio light does not work, link below may help get your radio light working. This seem's to be a very common issue with the Honda Accord(bad internal resistor has to be changed) see 2nd link. talks of repair, scroll down about to 9th of page. Third link also shows in detail the repair. resister with the number R797. That’s the one you need to fix. 4th link show's how to remove the radio.

Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.





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My circuit board is different


Mine is different too because is Premium Sound System


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2005 Honda accord .power lock doesn't work with the remote control. Dimmer light and radio light is not working , I need some help

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Get a qualified autoelectrician to replace the engine earth, I had the same problem myself and it’s a cheap $60, 5 min fix.


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