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My Laptop is not starting after pressing power key.

When I press the power button only white lights are shown on volume keys and other touch keys and My Laptop is not Starting.Only blank black screen is coming on the screen.

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If you shine a flashlight on the screen, do you see anything?


Yes, I can see the usual (slow) start up happening. What needs repairing or replacing?


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Can you hear the fans and other part starting as well? Since the flash light thing is showing some sort of boot, it might be a display issue.

If we are thinking it is a display issue, and not a booting issues, you can try another monitor to test with? Plug in a secondary monitor and see if you can see. If you can see a picture, you will want to reseat your internal display cable first and try again. If that isn't working it is safe to assume that the internal display cable is faulty or the screen portion itself if faulty.

Hope this helps in some way.

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