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Camera and compass not working after replacement

I have been trying to fix a phone for a relative of mine, and the rear camera refuses to work, even after replacing it.

Before I got it from them, I was told that "Pushing in on the camera lens would temporarily fix the camera problem".

Sounds like a connector issue then, right?

Nope, that's not what it was. After opening it up, gluing the glass lens piece back in place, disconnecting and reconnecting the camera cable, it still didn't work. However, the flash did.

Continuing on my mission to repair the phone, I ordered a replacement camera off eBay. After replacing it, the camera, and compass still refused to work, yet the flashlight worked.

What I imagine happened is:

When said relatives pushed the camera in to make it work, they temporarily pushed broken solder joints on the logic board back together, or they broke traces on the logic board.

Can anyone back me up on that assumption?

I'll try using my heat gun to reflow the joints in that case.



Update (04/10/2017)

After inspecting the board I found that the AK8963 Compass chip is physically cracked and broken in several places. As for the camera, I still have no idea what the problem is. Since eBay doesn't have anything good right now, it looks like this is my best bet:

iPhone 5 Logic Board

iPhone 5 Logic Board Изображение


iPhone 5 Logic Board


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Don't use the heat gun; that will destroy it. look at the board under a microscope or if you have very good eyes you can look at it without one. Check for missing components or damage to the connector.

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I'll try doing this and see what I find.

Thanks for your advice!


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