Loss of wifi signal android tablet

Dear Community,

I recently purchased an android zenpad tablet. I think it's the 7' version. It runs on android 5.0.2. It doesn't have any updates anymore, and i'm not sure if any will be supported in the near future.

I'm not sure what is causing my issue to occur, but I think it's a setting that needs to be changed or disabled. Although I can't seem to find it myself.

Basically every 30 minutes my tablet won't connect to the internet anymore. I have to disable my WiFi and re-enable it for it to working again. And the cycle continues on.

I've looked in the power saving option of Asus, but nothing it causing it there. Also in the advanced settings on WiFi I have disabled the sleep during standby (keep your wifi profile) not changes there either. I also tried to put it on AirPlane mode, but no luck either. I've tried to look at other settings but I can't seem to find anything related. Wifi manager, wifi fix and other apps don't help either.

Does anyone know a solution or something worth trying xD ? I'm getting a bit desperate cause it's getting on your nerves. Putting my wifi on static is impossible cause I can't acces the router and the network manager won't allow any changes to be made. But I don't think that's causing the issue, because if im at other places it also does the same thing!

Thanks in advance,


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