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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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Camera button goes crazy when pressed.

Spilt water on a table where my droid was sitting. Dried it off but started to have a problem with the camera button. When pressed the Ringtone Volume decreases, google search is opened and it begins to type gibberish. Opened the phone to check for damage and dry out the inside with no effect. Did factory reset in Settings Control panel with no effect. It feels like a software issue but an unsuccessful factory reset tells me its a hardware issue. Are there any parts related to the camera button that I can replace?

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box box, from reading your description, I am not sure that it is your camera button. It sounds to me that you are short circuiting anytime you press the button. I'd definitely be letting the phone dry out opened, clean all the circuitry with isopropyl alcohol an a soft brush. Let it dry out thoroughly Check for corrosion and anything that might look like it is short circuited. After that you might try another reset. Just my 2 cents....good luck and let us know.

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I did in fact open it and let it thoroughly dry with no luck. But I did resolve the issue!

While the droid did originally go crazy due to water, this specific problem was actually not the water. If you open the droid and directly press the camera button sensor below the plastic button it works fine every time. But if you press the sensor in any way other than dead center the phone freaks out.

The camera button has two tiny sponges under it, one on each side. They act like a spring. When you press down, the sponge helps to push the button back up. Well, in taking apart the droid multiple times the sponge on one end of the button came unglued and disappeared. As a result when the button was pressed down the button went down at an angle instead of straight down. At an angle the camera button doesn't press the camera button sensor down in the dead center. When not hit properly the phone freaks out as described.

I bought a new plastic button and the phone once again works perfectly! (Whew!)


Excellent work. Glad you got it fixed. All the best to you.


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