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The Fujitsu Lifebook UH572 Ultrabook was released in August 2012 as one of the first Fujitsu Ultrabook computers.

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My Sound Card needs replacing.

Does anyone know where I could buy a new sound card for my Fujitsu Lifebook UH572, I know how to replace... Just don't have the part. Thanks!

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Are you sure that it has a replaceable sound card and that it is not an onboard audio controller?

What information is listed in Device Manager regarding the make and model of the sound controller?

What is wrong with the audio?

if it is a replaceable card have you tried searching online for it by using the board part number that is printed on it, (the sound card board I mean)?


I am pretty sure it is an On Board controller (I'm looking to solder a new one on, what can I lose as this is not really my main laptop) and the speakers and headphone jack do not work, I have tried driver updates, I have tried installing new drivers... I did windows update and everything I could think of... I have also tried to use a bluetooth speaker, and it also didnt work. So my ultimate idea is the sound card...


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Hi @keeganbourque ,

Wouldn't this be an easier option?

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It would be easier, but I was planning on using it on-the-go, so having an external audio device would be a hassle. But, I may just get that and have my laptop stationary hooked up to a few external monitors... I dont know yet.


Hi @keeganbourque ,

Just curious.

What does Device Manager show for the sound controller? If it appears there with no problems the input side of the controller would appear to be OK as it is communicating with the OS.

If it shows as disabled is there a setting in BIOS for the audio at all?

You say the headphone jack doesn't work. I'm wondering if it is a faulty headphone jack that may be the cause of the problem.

Depending on type it either has a set of contacts that break the circuit for the main speakers or it has a contact that signals the audio controller to switch the output away from the speakers to the headphone socket. It could be a mangled socket that is the cause. If you do open the laptop up it may be worth a look or even have a look into the socket using a strong light and a magnifying glass to see if everything looks OK. You can compare it to another working socket if in doubt.

Just some thoughts.


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