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The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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Says no Sim, please insert Sim. How can I fix this?

Samsung S4, Sim was working perfect until I reset the phone as i was going to sell it. Before i reset it the camera was not working and gave an error message but would work if you tried to take a photo in a other app like whatapp or Instagram. So now after reseting it the sim doesn't want to work. What can i do that will fix this?

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Did u try re installing the simcard?


Sounds like something is wrong with the logic board.


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Let me guess, go to settings and device / phone info and then look for these values:

Baseband: Probably going to say 'Unknown'

Then head to phone status / status area

Look for IMEI: Probably will say 'Unknown' or 'Null'

If these two occur this is because the modem (It's basically a software firmware device driver that controls the baseband, sim card reader, 3g / 4g cellular signal reception and checks IMEI number.) has gone bad.

To fix this simply reflash the firmware on your phone (Use latest android version and matching carrier (optus for example, also match the CSC code which is a good thing to make sure you are getting correct branded firmware. to avoid issues and factory reset is not required after doing so).

Since it's already factory reset either do it via Samsung Smart Switch / Samsung Kies emergency firmware installation method or flashing it via ODIN using the instructions on how to download and flash samsung firmware onto your phone below:


I had a client come in a few weeks ago with the exact same issue but on a Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-i9305T). He did a factory reset through settings and it seems to have somehow corrupted the modem firmware during the process.

So I did the steps above to get it working again.

To check CSC type turn the phone off then hold power button and volume up and power for like 15 seconds, make sure to release power button when the samsung logo pops up.

It will say booting recovery mode... in blue text on the top left to tell it is booting recovery mode.

Let it start up recovery mode and wait for menu to show up.

It should say applied Multi-CSC code: xxx <--- The 3 character code is your CSC code that you should match up on the firmware downloader website.

In this image you will get a clearer understanding:


Look at carrier column with the 3 letter combination in brackets, thats the carrier code to assist you in selecting the right carrier and region for firmware.

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