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Первая модель iPhone. Модель А1203; с 4, 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; и алюминиевой задней крышкой. При ремонте придется помолиться и немного попаять.

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How to open an iPhone?

I was wondering, what the cheapest, fastest, and most effective way to opening up the Original iPhone without bending the housing?

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We spent a lot of time trying different options, and this is currently the best technique we've come up with.

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Well the teardown is rather vague on that but it gives a general idea on how to go about doing it, removing the antenna plate first, I've heard the most effective way to go is using some good quality nonmetal spudgers and making sure to apply pressure evenly, so as not to bend any part.

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how to open the iphone to put your sim card in

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sharon, your question is posted as an answer to a question that is three year old. If you need help, use this link http://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Ask/iPhone... to ask your own question. give as much detail as possible.


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