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Выпущенный 16 сентября 2016 года смартфон нарекли iPhone 7 Plus. Вышло несколько моделей нового устройства: A1661, A1784, и A1785, а также можно было выбрать между версиями на 32, 128 и 256 Гб встроенного накопителя. На выбор можно было приобрести золотой, розовое золото, серебристый, Jet Black и (PRODUCT) Red оттенки корпусов.

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Internal ear speaker not working after screen replacement

I have replaced the screen on an iPhone 7plus now the internal speaker doesn't work. So I replaced the proximity cable and the speaker. Still no sound replaced the screen again. But nothing. Everything else works the proximity the selfie camera all work. Any suggestions? This it about the 30th 7 or 7 plus I have done. I have not had any other problems before this. It worked before I replaced screen. I even tried the old screen and Proximity ando speaker did not work.

Update (05/18/2017)

I have replaced the screen again and the speaker . I have everything also tried to put all original screen and proximity cables and speaker back on does other work . I have repaired at least 30 iphone 7 and hundreds of the others. I have never had any problems like this . I'm a capable technician of trouble shooting problems. But this has me stumped. There is not any apparent damage to connector either. Is there not somebody out there that has had the same issue with the iPhone 7 plus?

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It has happened to me also ..

Change the front camera cable also change the ear speaker ..

Then it works 99% ..

I m preety sure ....

If still any problem come

Next step is

change the new front camera., new ear speaker and new lcd also ..

100% problem will solve ..

I daily repair 20 to 30 repairs ..


Do you have an update?


I have this problem with the iPhone 8 Plus I don’t know what’s wrong


I guess is the same for the 8plus, what I did the first time was take off the campea cable completely then you’ll see the small black square stuck on the scree, just take tha off and try your best to align it where it goes, its should work, the next time I just heated that part of the phone more so it could come of easier. If you connect the battery without that little black square it’ll Cuase a shortage and won’t work even if you go back and add the the tiny black square


Its your audio IC you have to replace


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My repair shop has encountered a few issues regarding the front camera and proximity cable. There is the possibility that the original flex cable was stressed during removal or installation. There seems to be hardware compatibility issues, specifically with the iPhone 7 models, with some of the flex cables produced by third-party manufacturers, as we tried a flex cable from another supplier (it cost almost twice as much as our normal cables) but it solved the issue. I'm not 100% certain this is the same issue for you, but this has solved the problem we had with Cam&Proximity cables.

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I know this is frustrating I have this problem now and I've had this problem before with the Home Button basically I replace the screen in the Home Button function would not work at all it would only let me go to the home screen or pop it up halfway on the homepage no matter what Home Button and I replaced it with screen it did not matter the home button function was not working again and I heard that has to be reprogrammed through Apple in order for it to work

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Order the part and have to try to fix it tomorrow I'll let you know how it goes but honestly if I were you what I would do is buy a iCloud lock phone and try to put that whole face on your phone and see if it works if it does not work then the chip that actually makes it work possibly got damaged


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I came across this same problem after replacing a screen on 7+

I tried and checked everything! screen, button, speaker and plugin earphones worked ok

only the phone ear piece didn't.

as crazy as it sounds this is how I finally got it to work...

  • 1. go to settings, General, accessibility
  • 2. Under "Hearing" turn "Phone noise cancellation OFF and "Hearing aid compatibility" ON
  • 3. played a memo message and ear speaker WORKED!!!
  • 4. switched the setting on step 3, back to default. phone still works!

I don't know why this worked but it did.

this was driving me insane! I've done lots of repairs

never had a problem like this.

hope this helps someone

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Hey John

Sounds to me like your problem is related to the hardware not communicating with each other. When doing repairs you should always disconnect the battery and then drain the remaining charge by holding the power button for 8-10 seconds. After you do this you can change your parts without the Logic Board storing previous hardware information.

The Logic Board needs to reset on hardware changes, especially the new iPhone models since they have new chips and circuits. Your problem may be as simple as the Logic Board not recognizing your replaced parts correctly.

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mine does the same. i replaces my screen and switched everything over to the new screen. when i powered my phone up the ear speaker the speaker phone speaker, the front camera and the home button doesn’t work. i used the original home button also. a few months later i cracked the screen and this time ordered a pre assembled screen with everything ready to snap back in besides the home button. i switched the original button to the new screw screen and i still have the same problem??! what did i do wrong!

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