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Apple AirPods are wireless headphones released December 2016.

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Has anyone ever received this error?

Has anyone ever received the error for the AirPods with a ! near the left or right pod? Right pod won't work at all.

Update (06/05/2017)

Block Image

Thank you

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I had a problem with a non-fucntioning right Airpod. It did not show the alert above, it just didn't connect or appear in the Battery widget on my iPhone.

I noticed that replacing the Airpod in its case did not trigger the charging light, so I deduced that the case didn't recognize the Airpod was there. That gave me a possible cause: the metal charging contacts were not touching the airpod when inserted, so the airpod had run out of battery, and the case wasn't charging it.

I was able to bend the contact back into shape with a paper clip (not easy due to the shape of the cae & the strong magnets) but when I was done, the Airpod quicky charged and worked as normal again.

As of this writing, Apple's online support was not able ot figure this out & only offered a replacement right airpod.

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Who, good comment. This is happening to me. Any advise about how to do it?....


Be advised, you may void your warranty. But if you can pull the contacts in the case closer together, you’ll have a better chance getting the non-charging AirPod to charge. I used a very small screwdriver to pull on the contact, making a tighter fit around the Airpod


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I have heard of this problem before and also of a solution that works for some. Disconnect the Air pods then press and hold the Bluetooth setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes amber a few times and then finally flashes white. Make sure it flashes amber before you release the button. After doing so reconnect the Air pods and the problem should be resolved.

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I did this and it did not work. Thank you for responding.


Check to see if they are under warranty, it may be a faulty set. Stop in at a local apple store if there is one around and they could possibly just replace the set.


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