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Repair guides and support for the ZTE n817, also known as the ZTE Quest.

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Is it possible to block sms/text messages from a number(s)?

I've tried contacting support (total joke) and searched the Net to no avail. Can find nothing in the N817 phone to block never ending spam wanting me to wish a Happy Birthday to this and that in a fake FB login page; they come in every single day.

Even tried making them into contacts and seeing if there was an option once made into a contact, but no.

Seriously sick & tired of these - any possible way to block them?


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It may be possible in a third party app. I use Messenger for my txt messages and there is a feature to block numbers.

I believe there is a similar feature in the 'Textra' app.

Best off luck

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Thanks!!! Installed it and it does have 'blacklist' for sms messages, so no more being bothered.. I hope. Pretty ez to figure it out.

Thnx again!


My pleasure :)


Eric what about calls? I have the same phone, and keep getting spam calls. Any help at all would be appreciated


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