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Released in August 2015, Model number: P01M, Intel Atom Processor Z3530

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How do I reinstall firmware onto my zenpad s 8.0?

I just recently bought a zenpad without any firmware and I'm really not sure how to get the firmware to download. I tried to get the firmware from the official ASUS site but it still wouldn't work.

Any ideas how to fix this?

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This page may help.


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I tried that and it still doesn't work


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ASUS has the proper firmware files...


Put them onto a SDcard, then start up your tablet while holding the volume up key. There you can select SD Download. That should fix it...

If that does not work, you may need the android SDK available from google or other modding sites...

The SDK runs on your PC, and makes changes to the tablet device through the USB port.

That is how most custom firmware is also installed. (Ex, Cyanogen Mod)

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i get unable to open apd file


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